New single: All We Are – A call for more self-love

We are back with our third and final single before the release of our second album which will be out in May 2022. The third single is called “All We Are” and is about the quest for identity and the sense of satisfaction that should prevail over the doubts and questionings of everyone.

Artwork by Fabrice Génot

“All We Are” has been composed by Laetitia Koener and Nicolas Palumbo and arranged by the five band members. This is a much more pop track than the quintet has been used to so far. The track shares very positive vibes, joy and good humour and will certainly make some people want to dance.

The track was recorded at Dragonfly Studios (bass, guitars, keyboards) and Unison Studios (drums and vocals) by Tom Gatti (L), also doing the mixing. Mastering was done by Gert Van Hoof of Cochlea Audio Editing & Mastering (B).

The release of the song is accompanied by a video clip animation done by Laetitia.

“All We Are” is available on all major download and streaming platforms:

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