New single & videoclip “Lost”

After the release of our album “Another Flame” in December 2018 and a little summer festival tour, we are back with our new single “Lost”.

Carried by the rhythms of the piano and the acoustic guitar, “Lost” tells the story of a couple: the search for meaning and loss of hold in the midst of an increasingly insecure and fragile society make the relationship hard to look after.

The deeply melancholic song was composed by Laetitia Koener (text/music) and Nicolas Palumbo (music). Arrangement and production was taken over by the band around Sacha Heck, Jérôme Moes and Steve Krippler, with the active support of Claude Zeimes. Charles Stoltz of Holtz-Sound is responsible for recording and mixing, Gert Van Hoof Cochlea Mastering took over the mastering and Lost is released simultaneously with a video clip.

The young, talented Jil Zago understands perfectly how to underline the nostalgic mood of the song through the landscape recordings she shot on the North Sea. Lost is available on all current download and streaming platforms and Go By Brooks are currently working on more song material and are already looking forward to the release of a new album.

You can follow this link to stream or download our new song.