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“Another Flame” Tour 2019: Some dates released

We can finally tell you some dates for our next gigs. Here are a few upcoming events where you can hear us playing music from our new album “Another Flame“. Or check out our “Tour” section. [EDIT 27.5.2019] We are happy to release more dates :)

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Go By Brooks goes France

A few of you remember perhaps our first gig in March 2014 in Metz/France for music magazine Karma at the Freeman T. Porter shop in Metz? Here is a link to the article. Lately, we have been back in France. If you follow us regularly, you know this perhaps. We have been invited to Nancy…

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Go By Brooks live performance at Nancy Web TV

We are reaching the end the of the year and there is one last event waiting for us. The last concert of the year will be a live acoustic performance which will be streamed online. We will drive to Nancy/France to be guests at the show “J3 Vision – The Beat goes on” with Jean-Jacques Janot.…

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