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Livestream concert at “Rock the Couch”

During the global COVID-19 crisis, artists are moving towards streaming concerts live on Facebook or YouTube or other Social Media platforms. Go by Brooks has been invited to play an acoustic Living room session by “RTL Today” and “Rock the Couch”. You can watch e Replay of those performances on their social media profiles: RTL…

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Live acoustic living room session on RTL Today

As we have to stay all home in these times of uncertainty, there are new ideas and initiatives coming up. It is amazing to see how creative a lot of artists are and they cheer up our isolation situation. Besides new initiatives like Live aus der Stuff or Crazy Quarantine sessions and others, RTL Today…

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Go By Brooks Acoustic Gigs, March/April 2015

In 2013 and 2014 we have been playing some nice acoustic gigs. For example the sessions at “Goodbye Monopol 2” or the release of Karma Magazine at the Freeman T. Porter Shop in Metz are worth remembering. Lastly, we have played some electrified concerts around, but now we are coming back to the fun and…

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