Photo: Paul Bintner

The story begins in Paris where Laetitia finishes writing her graduation dissertation on her literary and musical idol Leonard Cohen. She falls on the poem by chance. She will not use it in her writings, but her memory remains marked. Only at first, she decided after her student life, to launch her musical project with her own compositions and the name “Go By Brooks” then comes as evidence. It evokes all that she wants to convey: a writing constantly changing, “over water” shall we say, extending the translation. Laetitia takes the time to compose words interspersed with notes that naturally flow, carefully avoiding daily routine. She quickly, however, explains that she needs confidence in musicians to explore the full extent of her songs on stage.

Concerts are held occasionally. Her talent has not been diluted so far, quite the contrary. With Jerome on synthesizer, Sacha on bass, Gilles on drums and Nicolas on guitar, the acoustic project is gradually turning into more a pop rock project where the musical tastes of the five protagonists tend to sound as sweet and melancholic songs are transformed gradually. Influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, but also classic rock bands as Bon Jovi for instance, the group offers melancholic singer/songwriter rock spiced with pop nuances. In 2014, Go By Brooks recorded its first EP in Holtz Studios and released it on 10th January 2015.

Laetitia Koener

vocals & guitar

Jérôme Moes

keyboards & backing vocals

Nicolas Palumbo

guitar & backing vocals

Tom Roilgen / Gilles Krein

drums & percussion

Sacha Heck


Go By Brooks Bandpicture (by Sam Flammang)